Denver 8 Ball Billiards Tour

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The upcoming Colorado Billiards Tour will be hosted in the metropolitan Denver are. There will be lots of events, vendors and festivities as well. The main hall will be hosted by The Denver Billiards Services and they will be providing a daily workshop on the basic pool table upkeep and maintenance. In addition they will have a full line of new felt that have recently come out. Some of the new technologies include felt with embedded logos in lieu of a logo patch or sticker that would sit on top of the felt. The other thing that has happened is that felt is now more consistent and durable than ever before.

Buying A Pool Table – Due Diligence

There are designs, various sizes, and kinds of pool tables on the market making finding the perfect table for your requirements simple. Someone trying to find a pool table to get a games room or a home bar will probably possess another group of priorities to those of someone looking to equip an entertainment site including a social club or a pub.

denver-pool-tourWhile indoor pool tables are definitely the most frequent – as well as the sole possible option for players or enthusiasts of a greater standard of play – outside pool tables are plentiful and offer a long-lasting and cost effective amusement option for company owners.

Outside tables are fitted using a waterproof as well as a body building that was created to handle changing weather conditions (rain that was in particular). This table surface that is watertight usually produces a game speed quicker than that of an indoor table that might not suit everyone.

Establishments like pubs or youth clubs with the outside region are an excellent spot for a backyard table, together with the solid build and material quality making them perfect for scenarios where players might not take just as much attention when utilizing the table as is usually true in a pub.

Tables that are indoor work with a table believed that produces an increased standard. In the house it’s usually just as much a cosmetic addition to your room while in a pub you’ll seldom find a pool table with no bunch of men and women around playing or viewing as a source of entertainment is it.



The 2 most generally played fashions are 8ball (spots and stripes, yellows and reds) and 9 ball. While either game could be played on any pool table size, official opposition sized 9-ball pool tables are much bigger (7ft, 8ft and 9foot) than those used for 8ball (5ft, 6ft and 7foot), using the balls themselves additionally being bigger and heavier.

If you’re seeking to play both 9ball and 8 ball (or other forms like 7-ball pool) then you’ll have to make sure that the balls given the table would be the places and stripes fashion (which are also numbered) instead of the reddish and yellow which is more common in Britain as well as the rest of Europe.

The balls will be either retained by ball pockets (needing each pocket to be emptied following a game) or funnel them through into a central ball set region (automatic ball return). Tables will most likely return the cue ball to the remaining balls to another segment.

Comprised accessories should contain at the least triangle and the pool balls, but will generally additionally consist of chalk and 2 playing cues. It’s worth double checking just what accessories are contained along with the design of balls as formerly mentioned before purchasing any table.

In case company or your residence is not blessed with enough space to accommodate a pool table full time afterward a folding pool table could be the alternative. The folding mechanism includes rotating the playing surface using the hinged legs, right into a straight posture folding down, and those at another end integrating wheels to empower the table to be readily moved around while in this place.

Correct Grip And Pool Table Moves

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The Wrong Billiards Grip Could Cost You

When you master the fundamentals, you will lay the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment of pool. I urged new players to make the necessary time to learn the fundamentals thoroughly. Make them a part of her game. Don’t rush the process. Be sure that you feel comfortable with your grip, bridge, stance and stroke before leaving this chapter come. Learn the fundamentals thoroughly. Practice them diligently. And check them regularly throughout your career.your game will benefit accordingly. I advised advanced players to use this section as a refresher course. Perhaps a new approach can raise your game to a new level, or help you break out of a slump.

Recovering From Bad Habits

The game of pool is both an art and a science. As such, you will discover there is some room for working outside of the excepted fundamentals.however, I advised new players to stick closely to the basics recommended in this chapter. This will keep you from developing bad habits that may be tough to break. Trying to be as natural as possible. Let your game develop its own style. And be sure to follow the three peas: practice, patient and persistence.

For these lessons to work, you’ve got to put in time at the table. The good news, especially for new players, is that your practice time can lead to immediate and rapid will see results literally overnight, which will raise your passion for the game to higher levels. Our friends in Indiana who offer the best pool table movers Indianapolis has around know this by experience. A pool with good felt also affects your play so if you need help recovering a pool table make sure to hire a professional.



How you hold the queue with your backhand will largely determine your success as a pool player. With the proper grip, you can shoot with deadly accuracy and perform a wondrous feats of cue ball was your treat. On the other hand, a poor grip will largely negate other positives in your game and severely limit your progress as a player. Therefore, I am issuing an urgent plea for you to pay special attention to your grip.

A good grip must have the right field. It will allow the queue to do most of the work. When your grip and stroke are in tune, your queue will feel like an extension of your hand, arm and the brain. Your queue will become part of your body. When your grip feels great, you will be unaware of how you’re holding the cue. You will be on automatic pilot.

A light grip allows you to smoothly accelerate the cue through the cue ball in a straight line for accurate shooting. It also promotes action on the cue ball. To form the correct grip, standing erect and allow your shoe alarm to hang down relaxed at your side. Your fingers will be turned slightly upward. Lay the cue along the cradle that’s formed naturally by your fingers. You’re some acts as a support to keep the cue ball from not squeeze your fingers to for upward as this will tighten your grip. There should be some daylight between the top of your queue and the skin between your index finger.

Champion 8 Ball Tow Truck Driver

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A Pro Billiards Player By Night – Towing Operator By Day

A smooth operator Jimmy Davis is a San Diego pro pool champion that maintains his day job as a tow truck driver for the San Diego Towing Network that offers the finest tow trucks San Diego, CA has to offer. He started playing pool when he was a young man in the Navy.

I actually started playing pool while I was in Navy “A” school training to be a weapons technician

Davis states that he wouldn’t have learned how to play pool if he wasn’t so bored to death because of the severe winter at his place of training in North Chicago. “It was just brutal trying to keep entertained in the school dorm because it was just to cold to go out, I mean the temperatures were regularly below zero.”

The Tow Man By Day

Getting towed ASAPDavis wasn’t ever interested in becoming a tow truck operator but had a year of being unemployed and the opportunity arose to immediately fill a position with a company that provides tow trucks in Chula Vista. “At first I was a service driver and mobile auto locksmith in San Diego until I was trained to become a full fledged tow truck driver. I wasn’t sure about being a tow truck driver when I first started but i needed to work after being unemployed for so long.” The job of a tow truck driver requires many hours, usually a 12 hour 6 day work week with no holiday breaks.  To make the job even harder you have to consider how dangerous the job is. Tow truck drivers do most of their work on the side of the road with vehicles passing close by them at high speeds. This type of road hazard ranks among some of the dangerous jobs to do.

A Passion For Billiards

Since first starting to play just to pass time Davis’ passion for 8 ball pool has become the driving force in his life. “It makes me a better person, I strive for excellence in all aspects of life, including, of course billiards. I play at least a game a day, it is almost obsessive. Shooting pool calms me even when life gets tough. It’s pretty awesome that the San Diego Tow Network has not only one but two pool tables at there main office where Davis plays almost every day.

Pool Table Repair Cincinnati

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eight ball rack

Best Way To Spruce Up Used Pool Table

If your getting a little weary of playing games down at a Cincinnati pool hall then why not consider getting a pool table of your own? Having a nice used pool table in the comfort of your own home can be one of the most enjoyable decisions you ever make.

Some of the best times  that I’ve had have been playing billiards in my garage with friends or family. You just can’t beat it. My favorite game of pool is 8 ball billiards. It’s a fun game that most people are familiar with and even those that aren’t can learn how to play eight ball in no time at all.

What Size Pool Table Should I Get

That is an easy question to answer. It depends on how much room you have. If you have plenty of space I would recommend getting a larger regulation size pool table. If you need a smaller billiards table then go for the 7 foot table.

Some good brands that I would recommend:

  • Brunswick
  • Olhausen
  • Diamond

Buying A Pool Table

First of all you need to find a pool table to buy. Can you afford a new table? If not consider buying a used pool table. A used pool may need some repairs but if you get a good deal on a solid pool table then don’t sweat spending a little money on a few repairs or upgrades.

How To Move A Pool Table

You may wonder how much does it cost to move a pool table. It is usually about $300 dollars to move a pool table. You can find a local billiards service to make the move for you, never let anyone except a trained professional move your pool table. It is very likely that your pool table will be damaged if it is moved by anyone other than a professional pool table mover. I always recommend pool table movers Cincinnati when possible. This billiard service also provides pool table moving in Middletown OH and have pool table movers in Hamilton Ohio.

Make This Summer & Your Pool Super Safe

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Too Many Deaths Due To Drownings – Even Now


Last year the US government stated that there were upwards of 200 children that drowned in swimming pools or spas which is very sad because this type of hazard is totally avoidable. Now, saying that is a little oversimplification because I once witness my 3 year old daughter slip under the water right in front of me with out a sound.


The Day I Almost Lost A Child Drowning

I’ll set up the story a little: Our family had been invited to a season closing party for my son’s little league team, the party was to be a pool party at one the teammate’s house. So my wife and two children attended, it was a pretty nice party at a really nice house. The backyard was big and even had a batting cage the pool was is a nice, cozy and safe corner of the backyard. There was music and drinks, food, it was actually a good time considering that I really didn’t want to be there because I didn’t really social with the other parents through out the season. So, I had some food, which was delicious and grabbed a beer and sat on the steps of the pool with my two year old daughter while she played on the pool stairs. She wasn’t wearing a baby life preserver which now that I think about it was my first mistake but she wasn’t even two feet away from my reach. So I sat and watched her play in the pool and enjoyed the sun and the cold beer.  My wife was sitting at a table nearby chatting with one of the other mothers, they were both nurses trained in CPR and basic life support, so what worries should we have right? There was also the sports coach in attendance who was required by the baseball league to be first aid and CPR certified so I felt very secure even for all the other kids who were running around and diving off of the very real looking fake boulders molded in to the poolside.  As I was sitting with my daughter the owner of the house and father of the boy on my son’s team, came over and struck up a conversation with me. It made me a little nervous to take my eyes off of my daughter while I was talking with the man so I kept glancing back and forth between the two. Very good thing I did because wouldn’t your know it as I glanced back towards the pool steps: no two year old in front of me.

CPR & First Aid Certified People All Around

Now just as I looked back to check on my little girl, who was right in front of me, she was gone, well not literally. She had been playing and slipped off the top stair step that she had been playing on. The next step down was too deep for her to keep her head above water so she simple disappeared without a sound. She wasn’t underwater for more that a second or two before I reached in and brought her back up. I must have looked as if I saw a ghost because nobody actually saw what happened but I was terrified of the thought that my kid might have drowned right before my eyes. People came right over and offer there first aid training, but it wasn’t needed, my daughter had only went under for an instant. But it sure did scare the heck out of me and I now had witnessed first hand how dangerous a pool could be.

Be Sure Get CPR & First Aid Training

My advice would be to get the best training possible in case of something like this happening. I highly recommend CPR Classes Sacramento, CA for the best possible Cardiopulmonary resuscitation class around. I also recommend first-aid certification program, it’s excellent. If you want to kill two birds with one stone take the CPR classes and first-aid training together you won’t regret it. The best way to stay safe is to be up to date on training and certifications through either the Red Cross or the American Heart Association, both of the organizations have the best resources offered. Also get familiar with the Pool Safely government website, it is full of good and practical literature.



8 Ball Basics

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Billiards Moving

Give Me Some Of That Eight Ball!

The game of baseball is easy. It begins with the standard rack except the eight ball is in the very center. The winner usually breaks but if it is the first game you could simply flip a coin to choose who gets to break. Upon break if there are any balls sunk then the table is still open. The shooter could then choose a color stripes or solids and attempt to sink a ball, if he thinks the ball that is his color. If he misses than the opponent still hasn’t opened table to choose. The sugar then continues to ship until he misses and the last ball to be suck would be the eight ball.

These are the basic rules of eight ball billiards. There are many variations and it is very fun. You may have many of nights playing with friends and drinking cognac. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hit in the eye with an eight ball.

Playing Eight Ball At Home

If you have your own pool table and a ball is probably the game you played most on it unless you’re into specialty games. If you have a pool table and you would like it moved then I would call the best pool table movers in San Diego. Pool table movers San Diego is a local company that provides professional billiard services. Owning your own table can be heartwarming and fulfilling. It is also a great way to spend high quality family time. There’s nothing better than playing games with the family even your drunk uncle.

Pool Table Movers

It’s All Fun & Games

There are many games to choose from when it comes to cue sports. A good table a good cue stick and a little skill will get you far in the pool table community. Go out and have fun and meet new people it’s always better to play with lots of friends. Eight ball is a great way to have good clean fun. Just been to the basic rules and fundamentals that you learned and you will have a good time playing eight ball. Remember your full etiquette and be polite with friends family and even strangers while playing. Stay out of sight all your opponent is making his shot. When it’s your turn keep a low stance keep your eye on the ball and follow through. Hold the cue stick loosely with your left hand if you’re right-handed and let your right hand swing like a pendulum.

Not a lot of play some pool and remember don’t drink and drive.

This article provided by friends and local billiards services owners at Pool Table Movers Houston, Texas. They provide top quality pool table and billiards services. Find pool table movers in Las Vegas. For more info about rules and specific regulations visit the Billiard Congress of America Website Here.